Argh…I want a do over.

I’m still slogging through my bad mood.  I did have a chance to vent to Vickey today who listened patiently to all my irrational thinking for 15 minutes long minutes without a single patronizing word at all and reassuringly told me that no, I was not a selfish unreasonable jerk (which is where this whole mood has taken me) and then gently redirected the conversation to her trip to the ER this weekend.  I was like – you let me yammer on for 15 minutes about my totally made up first world problems when you had a story about the ER?  She said – don’t worry!  Everyone is OK.  And yes, everyone is OK.  Well, except for kind of Jeremy and Vince who have seen my irrational & wild thinking up close.  I hope they are OK.  I’ve apologized a lot.  You know behavior patterns you have that you know are annoying or just poor choices and you know that you shouldn’t be doing it even as you are doing it and you can almost see yourself from above like on a home surveillance camera system and cringing at the sight of it and even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t do it again and yet, there you are, still doing it because you can’t possibly help yourself?  It’s been that kind of week.  And it’s only Monday.

Progress on the dining room table.  Now with the stain and one polyacrylic coat.  I totally said polyurethane before, but we are doing all water-based coatings so we don’t have to use all those solvents to clean up.  Two more PA coats and we are good to go for brunch.  It looks good.  I’m surprised.


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