Corner Market.


An actual Corner Market opened at the little strip mall 0.25 miles from the house!  We are very excited.  I went in there today and bought some fuzzy water.  Jeremy wanted to go after dinner and he bought some salad dressing.  They will also have a pharmacy there.  That’s exciting too!  These are the businesses I patronize at the little strip mall down the street: the vet, the Chinese food place, the Corner Market, the burger place, the ice cream place, the pizza place, the nail place and my dentist.  I think the only places left are the bank and the therapist.  Oh, and maybe the massage place.  I could add those places and then I’d be at 100%.  I love the little strip mall.  I’ve been going since I was a little kid!  There used to be a Safeway there and I remember shopping there as a kid.  My parents used the bank there.

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