Camp JCC, ATV, 100 years of solitude.

Now we enter the “regular” summer schedule.  Edda’s at Camp JCC for the next seven weeks and I’m always nervous the first day because it’s the first time we all meet Edda’s one-on-one counselor.  I want to make a good first impression. The counselors are high school kids and lots of them don’t have prior special needs experience though they make up for that by having big hearts.  Ning (our morning caregiver) woke Edda up at the late hour of 7:30.  Since the morning routine is different than the school morning routine, I worked with Ning this first morning from 7:30 to 8:30 to make sure all the swim attire, sunscreen application, lunch supplies were packed.  Then Ning went to her regular day job and I drove Edda to camp for drop off.  Edda’s counselor seems great – she just graduated from high school and is headed to Whittier in the fall.  I asked why Whittier?  She shrugged and said – I love California.  We bumped into friends and said hello to lots of people.  Edda knows many people at camp as she’s been going for a long long time.  Lots more people say hello to her than hello to me.  Though Violet said hello to me and we hung out for a bit.  Edda had a nice first day, swimming in the pool, a poop (hopefully in the potty and not in the pool) and all smiles when she came home.  Adriana did pick up for me.


Mid-day, we got a text from Vince.  The first set of campers have arrived.  His initial job is to man the mountain biking & ATV “outpost”.  He has no experience in either activity and tells us that he keeps falling off his mountain bike.  Here he is with his ATV helmet.


I chose this book for our book club and I’m regretting it.  I put it down for a week because of craziness and now I can’t remember what all the characters have done.  There are six generations in this book and they all have the same names.   Arghhhh…  yet we will forge ahead.  Vickey is 200 pages ahead of me.  I’ll get there.  We should have read Love in the Time of Cholera.


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