We went out to dinner last night with Adriana and her boyfriend, Rakesh to thank her for her two years of being part of our household and caring for Edda in the evenings (mostly Monday & Tuesday nights) and to celebrate her starting her new position as a neuro ICU nurse on Monday.  I have a general rule of only celebration on the last day and no working, but she insisted on coming back to the house and going through one more bedtime routine with Edda.  She will still be close by, so we’ve set a future date to catch up with our new adventures. 


One thought on “Adriana!”

  1. Hope the nursing stuff is going the way you want it to. I really enjoyed what you had to say about working in the catholic hospital. I'm over the religion thing but so understand what you were saying about the kindness and taking care of the poor. It really is all that matters anymore in life. I have been the recipient of some of those nice folks with those traits and what I realize is that if a person is Zen Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, etc. it is the kindness that all those religions have in common that works and makes the world a better place.

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