OK google, housekeepers, dentist.

A few more items that I’m dropping: Jeremy texted me yesterday, letting me know that our water was going to be turned off soon because I’ve failed to pay the utility bill.  Whoops.  I’m behind.  I did not mean for that to happen. Also, the other day, Vince turned to me and instead of saying, “hey mom”, he called me, “ok google” which is what he says all day to his google home device.  Hmmmm.  “Mom” has been replaced by “Google”.  Interesting.  Also, you know the upper middle class biweekly (or weekly if you are super lucky) tradition of cleaning up before the housekeepers come? I had to apologize today to our long-term (suffering?) housekeepers as I was pulling into the driveway as they were pulling out that I’m sorry, the house is a complete disaster that no picking up was done and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage it for about 10 more months and he laughed and said, don’t worry, the house is clean now.  I remember when we first hired them years ago and they said – the house will become cleaner and cleaner as we come on a regular basis and I laughed then and I still laugh now.  Our housekeepers just keep us at a bare baseline of cleanliness.  We are mostly slobs.


I took Edda to the dentist today, Ning went with me to help out.  Ning brushes Edda’s teeth in the morning, so the dentist gave her a few tips (I’m the worst at brushing Edda’s teeth – I’m a bad tooth brusher myself).  Ning said – she makes it look so easy!  I said, well, there were 4 people in the room brushing Edda’s teeth.  I held Edda’s arms, Ning held Edda’s head, and there was the dentist and the hygienist.  Edda’s teeth look good!

I dropped Edda off at school by 10.  Here is Mr. Pat, her teacher.  I couldn’t get Edda to look at the camera.


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