Mary Poppins.

We did see Mary Poppins Returns over this winter break.  I enjoyed it and thought the songs were pretty good.  And it’s nice to see dancing too.  And you can see how charming Lin-Manuel Miranda is and how he persuaded people to shell out an obscene amount of money to see a Broadway musical about American history. 

Edda is asleep, Vince is at a friend’s house.  Jeremy is working on Philmont stuff.  I’m ruminating about my nursing side hustle.  I’m afraid this scheduling nightmare might cause me to end this side-gig little experiment.  For example, I didn’t know I was going to work Christmas Eve until 5 days before it – seems a bit unreasonable, no?  I’m constantly confused about how to schedule my shifts which is causing me a lot of stress.  We are planning many, many things in April, May & summer that requires a degree of flexibility I was hoping I could get with nursing and I think I can get, but somehow seems impossible now. 

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