Snow day.


Snow day!  Which meant that all four of us were home & inside the house all day.  No child care givers, no one else.  This is a rare occurrence.  I shoveled & napped.  Jeremy worked.  Edda smiled and laughed at her videos.  Vince is recovering from a pretty bad cold (he missed school yesterday, so it’s just as well today was spent at home).  We filed Vince’s first income taxes on the money he made this summer as a camp counselor.  He’s getting a refund of about $50.  It feels good.  I’m stressed (so much crying.  god damn it, I wish I would stop crying over tough days at work).  Jeremy is stressed (his back was killing him last night).  We are both tired.  But as I told him this morning when we woke up a bit later than usual to indulge in the sleep day, we are fine.  Everything is fine.

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