Peloton, Rory and ice cream.

Jeremy did make it home on Sunday morning from Chicago at about 9:15 am, snow be damned (there ended up being no snow in Chicago – but all flights out on Sat night were canceled). It meant that he could stay for entire 50th anniversary party of UCS in Chicago on Saturday night instead of just showing up for an hour and then high-tailing it to the Chicago airport. And it also meant that he could try out the Peloton bike at the fancy hotel gym. I don’t know exactly how this is happening, but even though I’m working a crap ton and he’s taking on so much of the house logistics, he is managing to get into great biking shape. My workouts are basic and I have set low, low bar expectations (my bar is slow low that it’s laying? lying? lieing? (where is Vickey – my grammar guru?) on the floor) and I’m watching my fitness ebb away out of my perimenopausal body as I knew it would when I started working so much, Jeremy is like – I set at PR on Strava! I’m going to bike 70 miles today! I’m going to climb up this enormous mountain! Twice! We’ve tried various in-person cycle classes, but he’d never tried Peloton. The verdict was that it was just a fine workout, but not his thing. This particular instructor squeezed in-between intervals his struggles with alcoholism which isn’t really Jeremy’s thing. Jeremy just wants to ride fast – he’s not into the personal narrative. He’ll stick with Zwift.

Buff Peloton instructor – whhaaa?

Vince came home from an orienteering campout this weekend and we went to the final meeting for the kids that went on the China trip. As Vince grows up, I get so much pleasure from small things that surprise me! I love that he lets us sit with his friends and that Edda joins in at the table and we get to participate in the conversation. Everyone had Chinese food and bubble tea and we saw a slide show. The slide show was set to the song Africa from Toto and I was like – I think my own high school slideshow was set to the same song. Jeremy confirmed that the song was released in 1982.

It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do

Lauren, Molly and Rory came by to try out Edda’s old wheelchair. Molly fits into it pretty well, she’s a bit smaller than Edda and this is a few inches narrower than Edda’s present wheelchair as Edda has outgrown it. They have a big wheelchair that’s perfect for school/bus, but they need a smaller one that can fit into the car when they run errands. Rory played the game of Life! with me and he beat me, yet again.

Rory pumping up Molly’s new wheels.

Our ice cream desires where thwarted when the ice cream line was too long.

Line is too long at Carmen’s

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