Hat trick

I almost did a “hat trick” or “grand slam” or whatever sports analogy I can’t come up with right on Tuesday which was to flip my whole team. My “team” is my group of 4-6 patients. It’s an easier day when no one is discharged or admitted, it’s harder when people come and go because there is a lot more paperwork/explaining etc. Usually only one or two leave and then one comes in on a shift. But halfway on Tuesday I realized I could have everyone leave and then have the beds fill again, it was kind of like a game of endurance and stamina and grit. I discharged 4 patients and got three in, and I could have done the 4th who rolled in at 6:50 pm- ten minutes before my shift ended but for some meddling by my charge nurse who thought he was being helpful by holding back the admission for night shift, but really was messing up my plan of pulling off this feat. Anyways, it was fun in a totally Type II kind of way. I usually average 5-6 miles a day at the hospital, but that day was 9 miles. And I did not feel like crying at any moment during that day.

Most of my patients are very nice and a breeze to work with. Some of my patients are annoying and know that they are annoying or are annoyed because they are sick/in pain or whatever – those people are fine too. The people that are the hardest to deal with are the annoying ones who think that they nice. OMG, they think they are totally being a reasonable person, but they are not. Whenever I work with them, I think – you must be a very difficult person to live with. I’m glad I’m not living with you.

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