Steve Irwin, Bard graduation, Usual Suspects.

I’m lucky to have Memorial Day weekend off! We have been shopping like crazy at REI getting Vince and Jeremy ready for the summer outings. Vince owns an unprecedented four pairs of hiking boots. Waterproof, water shedding, ice/snow and regular hiking boots? Everyday Jeremy asks me – can I buy a new pack? The other one gives me shooting numbness down the front of my legs that lasts for days. Can I buy some quick dry pants? Yes. Can I buy a synthetic sleeping bag even though we have down sleeping bags? Yes. I tell him to stop asking me these questions and just buy the damn things. This is exactly what I save my money for. I don’t buy clothes, I don’t get my hair colored, I don’t go shopping for fun. I save my money to buy four pairs of hiking boots for my family. Vince is channeling his inner Steve Irwin he said.

Vince as Steve Irwin with Maxi attacking a stuffed beaver.

Louisa stayed at the house on Thursday night so that she and Jeremy could head up to Bard to join in on the graduation ceremonies. There were final concerts to attend and awards for Bob to receive.

Katherine, Louisa, Bob & Jeremy
Emy, Jeremy & Louisa
Seth & Emy
Katherine & Jeremy
Bob & Katherine
Emy & Eileen
Saturday morning with the family.
Ben facetiming in.

Meanwhile, the kids went to school on Friday and I worked from home. Nat came over at 6 to take care of Edda while I went out to see the Usual Suspects. This is a super rare occasion – like a blue moon and a four leaf clover and a lucky penny all at once.

Me, Beth, Lauren, Marta, Soojung & Laura.

The next day, I mowed the lawn, cut Edda’s hair and went to Montgomery Mall to have lunch and do some gift shopping for…

Having lunch at Urban Plates at the MM.

Jane’s graduation party. Jeremy and Louisa made it home just in time for us to climb back into the car to celebrate Jane’s graduation from Maryland. What do you sing? We sang for she’s a jolly good fellow.

For she’s a jolly good fellow!

And Sunday started off with an epic bloody nose!

Edda and her bloody nose. Boo. For a kid who can’t use her hands, she was really good at trying to pull my hand off of her nose.

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