Subject SAT, Taylor, ramen.

Gorgeous day today, the summer heat/humidity was getting me down, but today! today! all the windows were opened in the house. A delight! Jeremy drove Vince to an SAT subject test location (far-ish away) and planned on biking home, leaving Vince the car to drive home when he was done. It’s nerve wracking getting there early and on time and Vince is still not comfortable enough to go on the highway by himself, but on the way home, Vince took the side roads (two lane country roads) and had the windows open and music blasting. Classic.

My husband looking ridiculous.

Edda and I spent the morning together in our pajamas listening to the new Taylor Swift album and folding laundry. I’m constantly sweating these days. I wake up, I need a shower. I have lunch, I need a shower. I’m about to go to bed, I need yet another shower. I used to have PJs that I would wear all week, but now I could literally change them every three hours and that would be OK. Taylor did good. I like the new album.

Edda watching TV waiting for me to get her day started.
Scenes from a bike ride.

We went to ramen for lunch to celebrate. We talked about Jeremy’s upcoming trip to Nebraska. (It’s actually Nebraska and Iowa. Both!) (It doesn’t matter where he goes on business, Jeremy (while he is actually away) has to tell me that it is very important and that he is getting a tremendous amount of work/networking/saving-the-world done even if none of it is true and he is basically sitting around drinking beer with colleagues from DC in Nebraska because of scheduling/out-of-their control snafus. Only after he gets home can he actually tell me what really happened.) I said to Jeremy that I’m going to totally call him crying next week. And he says – I know, you are going to call crying asking why you have to do all the things and why I have to travel all the time and that you and Vince are fighting. And then we look over at Vince and Vince says – why are you looking at me? I actually have to do the fighting with mom. And then we all look at Edda and tell her that she’s in charge and has to referee all next week.

Ramen to celebrate.

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