Medical stuff.

When Jeremy got his colonoscopy a few months ago, the CRNA – as he was putting Jeremy under – asked, hey – do you have any chest pain? shortness of breath? and proceeded to move the sticky pads on his chest to try to reposition the leads on the cardiac monitor. Jeremy said he felt great, never better. The CRNA said – huh. you have this ST-elevation in your trace which is usually indicative of a person having a heart attack. And then they shrugged and went ahead and put him under for the procedure (??!!). Anyways, the procedure went fine and it took him like 4 follow up appointments to figure out that the ST-elevation was an anomaly that day for whatever reason. Which brought the total number of appointments stemming from that colonoscopy to 7. 1. Regular appt for checkup to get the order for the colonoscopy. 2. Preop appt. with GI doc. 3. Actual colonoscopy. 4. Follow up appt with reg doc for ST-elevation. 5. Follow up appointment with cardiologist. 6. Treadmill stress test. 7. 2D Echo appointment. Jeremy was a little fed up with all this.

Jeremy failed to go to the doctor right after his tumble from his bicycle. And he seems mostly OK now, the cuts/scrapes/bruises are healed. But there is a persistent fluid bump on his hip that we keep poking at. It is about 5 inches x 5 inches. Not at all bruised, but for sure squishy and probably contains about 50-100 cc of fluid. He was patiently waiting for it to resorb back into his body, but it seemed to not be changing over time. Finally, last night, I typed into google – trauma hip fluid lump and found that he probably has Morel-LavallĂ©e lesion. He spent the night reading about it. Maybe it’ll need to be drained or debrieded? or have a wound vac? He said – this one guy needed a vacuum for six days! Do I need to spend six days in bed? I said they have cute portable wound vacs. Then I said he probably won’t need a wound vac. And he groaned that he has to go to the doctor again. I said he probably should have gone to the doc right after the bike accident for his head.

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