I legit had a nightmare last night about nursing. I never have nightmares. Is this a sign? I don’t think so. I almost always have a feeling of dread or resignation going into a shift (a patient asked me last shift if I enjoyed being a nurse and I did say yes – no hesitation), but I’m usually very happy at the end of a shift having completed it. I dreamt that I was 90 minutes into a shift and the night nurse had failed to give me report. I couldn’t find her for the life of me. Then I went to the charge nurse and asked for the assignment sheet because I wasn’t sure who exactly were my patients. Then she handed me a piece of a paper which was indecipherable and I didn’t know any of the other nurses on the unit. Then I cursed out the charge nurse (! This shocked me even in my dream.). Then there were about 50 middle schoolers crowding the hallway rushing here and there and I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to take care of them or not. On a side note, I got a raise! I’ve never worked so hard for money in my entire life. I’m very happy I never became a doctor because, holy hell, it would have killed me.

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  1. I think that dream is a manifestation of you doing too much in your real life. So, why not add 2 more things to the list i.e. Urbana and Purdue!! Hang in there.

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