Pizza, Star Wars, Mom.

Jeremy worked from home today, so I got to go to lunch with him. We went to the pizza place and ice cream place four hundred steps from our front door. I ordered the lunch special (2 slices of pizza and a drink) like I always do and the proprietor handed me a Diet Coke without asking me which drink I wanted. Jeremy looked at my like I was crazy and said, I didn’t think you ever drank diet Coke?! I said I only drank Diet Coke with the lunch special at this pizza place (which I go to quite often without Jeremy’s company – probably biweekly (not twice a week, but every two weeks. is that semi-monthly instead?)). The proprietor and I laughed about how I’m keeping secrets from Jeremy. Serious Diet Coke secrets.

Enjoying dessert.

When Bob & Katherine were decluttering their house, they found an old Star Wars sleeping bag of Ben’s all tattered and worn. I took it home and saved the outside cloth and reinforced (haha! get it? reinFORCEd?) and turned it into a quilt. Now I’m trying to get it to Sweden. UPS quoted me $200. USPS I think is going to be $90. Really?!?

Mom is back in town. She came in from the West Coast last night.

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