Biking, writerly, videos.

Jeremy went biking today somewhere on the West Coast. He did not fall. He did not get hit by a car. He’s still fine which makes me happy. I didn’t speak to him today, but I got a few texts and I see his photos. I promised him that I’d make some progress on Thanksgiving. (He took over college applications and, in return, he gave me Thanksgiving.) I ordered the turkeys today and the extra tables and chairs.

Vince stayed home from school today because he woke up and said he was feeling sick. I don’t think he’s truly sick, I just think he’s managing his energy poorly (staying up all night & drinking those terrible caffeinated energy drinks) though he insists that he isn’t (except that I find cans of the stuff in his trash can). I don’t doubt that he felt terrible at 6:45 am when I woke him up for school. I let him sleep in. He read the blog when he got out of bed at about 10am and trundled into my room while I was working and said – I’m going to rewrite all my UC essays. You said they were boring. I said that I didn’t say they were boring. He said – you said my essays weren’t writerly and therefore they are boring. I said that I said they weren’t writerly as a compliment. And then he said, I’m still rewriting them. And then he asked if I could buy him some soup.

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