Mouse, sandwich, sick.

We found a dead mouse floating in Maxi’s water bowl this afternoon. I have no idea how that mouse climbed up the slippery, outward sloping side of a stainless steel bucket and then managed to topple into about 9 inches of water. Poor thing. We threw the mouse out with (bath)water into the backyard for a natural burial. But now I know we have mice. Jeremy admitted that a little while ago he saw a flash of furry something or other cross the dining room floor. And I think I hear little scurrying feet in the attic. I’m scared of looking in the attic (the same scared I’m feeling to fill out the FAFSA form) because what if it is a large animal that has already destroyed all the insulation and is rabid and will attack me? Maybe we should get a cat. (I love cats. I’m more a cat person than a dog person, but I acknowledge that a cat just reinforces my tendencies to stay at home and wallow while a dog encourages me to go outside and meet my neighbors.) Isn’t that how people have solved this problem in the past? Can I just send the cat into the attic with a can of mace and a pith helmet? Because that is what I would like to do.

I was at the hospital yesterday. This is the amount of my sandwich I ate. Our census was low yesterday and thank goodness for that because we started out with five nurses and then right at 7 am, one of the them was not feeling well and had to go home. By 9 am, another nurse had to go to the ER and so we were down to three nurses on the floor when at full capacity we are suppose to have seven nurses. It was quite a shift. But I got to work with one of my favorite doctors and we did good things. When I work with a good hospitalist, it goes smoothly even when bad things are going down.

We are all a little sick this week. Jeremy’s home today – working from home and popping Motrin. Vince also took an ibuprofen last night. I actually took some Motrin during my shift yesterday. It wasn’t too bad for me. I think without the Motrin I’d be operating at something like 90% capacity. And I think it’s not too bad for Vince. Jeremy doesn’t feel great. I think it’s what Edda had last week.

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  1. This is experience talking…….Ya gotta get on those mice quick. They like to multiply and can chew thru wiring. Call a pest control company and let them deal with the issue. It is worth the cost.

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