Pitt, Great Wolf Lodge, Gina.

Vince is going to college! He found out on Monday night that he got into Pitt engineering. I was on my way home, sitting on the employee shuttle bus on the way to my car, when I got this text of the letter (which was incredibly hard for me to read, all squinty-eyed-old-feeling) and made out the first word Congratulations! I knew that he’d hear from Pitt around this time, but we were all expecting an email. Jeremy was sorting the mail on Monday night and came across the thick envelope and he was like – is this just marketing material? Do they still send big envelopes? Apparently they do.

I rushed home and I burst into his room and yelled – you are going to college! And he yelled back – I’m going to go to college! And we gave each other enthusiastic high fives. Everyone is excited about Pitt, we like the school, we like Pittsburgh, we like engineering. I knew Pitt had rolling admissions and I was trying to get Vince to apply earlier so that we’d find out earlier because it just feels good to know that you have a place to go in early December while you wait for the the others in April. I think there are only a few schools that he’d go to instead of Pitt and most of those applications are in already. Since I’m a nervous nellie, I was also worried that if we had heard back from Pitt negatively it would indicate that I had misjudged the whole list of schools and the earlier we heard back from Pitt, the more time we would have to adjust the school list. But after the admission note, Jeremy smiled and said – the list is fine. The list is fine. We are aiming for a 50% acceptance rate for the school list.

Vince found his Pitt shirt from the visit earlier this year and wore it to school on Tuesday.

This weekend, before all this, I drove a van full of kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA early Saturday morning. It gave me an opportunity to see Gina, Vickey’s mom, who is my quilting teacher.

I’m constantly amazed at her talent/skill. The back of her quilt blocks are as beautiful as the front. Look how straight all the blocks are, evenly stitched and pressed open.

Mine are a bit of a mess, lol.

The boys stayed at the Lodge and I stayed with Gina. I went for a run at a local mountain biking park. Lots of switchbacks.

And then I picked up the boys on Sunday afternoon. Vince is the scout leader these days and it was not a quiet weekend for him. Lots of drama that will remain off the blog. But everyone is safe and back at home.

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