Burn, quilt, traffic.

Vince burned his hand in class today with a hot glue gun. Not good. I asked him if he told the teacher about the burn and he said that he did not thinking that he could handle it. And I guess he’s fine. I told him not to break open the blister (even though I would totally want to lance it if it was myself). It’s good to keep the skin intact as long as possible to keep the germs out. Sometimes I get patients who have an enormous swollen appendage and I ask them what happened? And they say, nothing! I was as work and then my arm totally started swelling up. And then became infected. And now they need IV antibiotics for weeks.

Jeremy is biking in his closet. He’s trying to improve his positioning on the bike (which requires flexibility which he does not have in abundance) and therefore is taking a lot of video of himself riding and then asking me to look at the videos and to tell him if I can see if his back is any straighter. I can’t tell any sort of difference. His back has been hurting for a few weeks now (which he blames on the one time (just before the holidays) when he was trying to lower the handlebars to create a more tucked (and therefore aerodynamic position))- frustrating him with all new Christmas biking equipment just taunting him and his sore back.

This is my masterpiece quilt which I finished before the holidays, but only got around to putting the nameplate on this past week. It’s for Denise, so I shipped it off to Germany.

And I started this next one…. I did not work on either Sat or Sunday – though I was at the hospital on Monday (which was fine – surprisingly). Since I can work a lot and I do work a lot, I find it helpful to declare certain days as days I don’t do any work (well any paid work) for my sanity and to rest and regenerate. Jeremy, though, worked all three days of the weekend preparing a talk for tomorrow.

Vince did not get into Pitt honors. So I guess there goes the batting 1000? I can’t quite decide. Jeremy thinks it counts as ball whiff. Though I think I would love being in the honors program, Jeremy thinks it’s not really Vince’s scene. Vince actually said – I don’t care about honors, I think it’s just more work.

Jeremy’s been making me watch these city building videos with traffic simulations. Vince actually has bought this game. Jeremy asked if Vince was planning on bringing his gaming computer to college and he said that he was going to leave it at home and then Jeremy’s kind of weirdly excited to try this out. Or else just keep watching other people try it out on youtube.

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  1. Welcome back. Tell Vince sorry about the burn! I burned the back of my leg on a motorcycle pipe when I was a kid and man it hurt so I feel for Vince. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. That burn looks horrible!!! And that quilt look gorgeous. Omg. How do you do it?!?!?
    Hope Vince heals fast! Poor kiddos.

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