CNY – the year of the rat.

I’m having a particularly bad version of my Sunday scaries tonight. I have Sunday scaries every night before a hospital shift. Sometimes it’s not so bad and other times, I get all anxious and weird. When I was working full time, it was particularly terrible because I would usually work two days in a row and then have three days off and then two days back on and then maybe a day off and etc, etc. I could have Sunday scaries like three times a week (and it was worse because I was new and learning). I usually wouldn’t have them the 2nd day of two-in-a-row because I would be too tired to really care.

We had a quiet CNY celebration on Friday night at my parents. We’ll have a bigger one next week with more extended family. It’s my year! The year of the rat. My mom was like 36! and then I’m like -no! it’s 48! Mom, I’m 48! and she laughed. She really thought I was turning 36 for a minute there. It’s not auspicious that we are starting it off with the coronavirus. They’ve pretty much canceled CNY in China. My parents have cancelled their annual 2-3 month trip to China. My mom did her best version of a taro-based Chinese dessert. It was not bad. Not too sweet (<- this is the best compliment for a Chinese dessert. Not it’s delicious! nor It’s so rich!. Remember – it’s not too sweet.)

Jeremy is doing a herculean task of downloading all my photos from flickr and then backing them up on a hard drive and then to Google photos. It’s not an easy thing. There are 100,000 photos on flickr. They gave us over 200 zip files. I’m afraid flickr is dying and 99% of the photos on this blog are linked to flickr. There is a lot of back end web stuff I need to figure out for this blog. I do not like maintaining a website. But we get to see old photos like Edda on the inside of me. I look at this photo and think – young, naive Doris. You know so little in this photo. You think you know things, but really, Doris, you know nothing.

Edda learning to nurse:

Edda fell twice this weekend. We think she might just be starting to have little seizure-y things that are causing her to lose control and fall. And she falls like a cut tree in a forest. Like straight down and straight back. It’s scary for all of us. We’ve had such freedom letting her roam around the house always near her as in the same room, but never like a guard in a basketball game. If the frequency of falling increases, we might have to keep her in her chair more or something which would be bad for many, many reasons.

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