Snow & Go Gophers.

In theory I should be able to sign up for a hospital shift while Jeremy is out of town as Edda has morning & early evening care and regular school and after-school camp. That’s coverage for all of Edda’s waking hours Monday through Thursday. But I almost never do because I can never tell what is going to happen that’ll need me to change directions in the middle of the day. We had an early dismissal for snow on Tuesday which meant that her after-school camp was closed so I picked Edda up at noon and texted Kitachi (our early evening caregiver) to not pick up Edda and instead stay home to avoid the snow. And then we had a two hour delay the next day where I told Ning to sleep in and not bother getting Edda ready because it would overlap with her own work schedule. Edda slept until 8:15 on Wed morning!

My parents came over on Wed to cook dinner for us.

We are still spending the cold evenings puzzling.

Vince is still batting 1000 on college decisions. He got into Minnesota ChemE this week. He found out via email while Jeremy was in the air flying to the Twin Cities. We (Jeremy and I) have a soft spot in our hearts for Minnesota. We love all our Minnesotan friends. The Chemical Engineering program is top notch, like #5 in the country after MIT, Caltech, Stanford and Berkeley. I didn’t think Vince would get in. He applied on a lark because they had an application fee waiver for early action and we told Vince – they have an excellent ChemE department. And then he got in and now he’s super excited & really interested. I said it was cold and he said I can do cold.

Jeremy & Dave and the gopher.

Jeremy spent the week working in Minneapolis but also spent time asking colleagues about the school and the Twin Cities. Lots of crazy cold activities. Stories about outdoor camping over the holidays with three feet of snow burying needed firewood and a tent that transforms into some kind of igloo. Camping was balmy this year at 0 F. Last year it was -35 F. Jeremy hosted a happy hour on Tues or Wed night and someone biked to the event over sheets of ice on the streets. How is is possible that someone biked to the event I asked? They bought studded tires – Jeremy replied.

Looks cold there. Like really cold.

And Jeremy met up with Dave (one of our favorite Minnesotans) to cruise the campus and buy Vince a sweatshirt.

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