Cat pee. Hamilton.

I think this will shed a little light on my relationship to my parents. We have not seen my parents in person since March 7th. We’ve done the grocery shopping for them early on with porch pickup (now they are shopping on their own). Do we arrange to get together for a July 4th socially distanced BBQ? No. This text below was the first in-person interaction we’ve had in 4 months… a visit to see if we could still smell cat pee in their rental property. Annnddd….the answer is yes. The cat pee is still odorous. I had a therapist once listen to all the weird issues I thought I had with my parents and then he sat back and said – I’ve listened to lots of parent/kid relationships and you know, you have a great relationship with your parents! I tilted my head and asked, I do? And he said – yes. you do. And so I’ve incorporated this into my thinking. Instead of thinking, isn’t it weird that the first visit after the great quarantine is to smell cat pee, I think – I have a great relationship with my parents. (And I know I do. My parents would do anything for me.)

We celebrated the 4th in the most patriotic way we could. By ourselves in our own house. Jeremy made lamb, we watched Hamilton on Disney +. Vince made margaritas for us. Vince said all his friends’ parents were making them watch Hamilton with them. We didn’t make Vince watch it with us, he kept us company for about 30 minutes.

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