I’ve been taking the time to hang out with Jeremy during dinner-making hour(s). I can tell that I’m doing it because 1.) I’m less productive at work and 2.) I’m more productive at making things like onion, cheese and tomato pies (I’ve made two already this week). And mostly 3.) Jeremy is happier. We talk about whatever he wants to talk about. A lot of work stuff. A lot of bicycle stuff. Last night he sold his first used bicycle item on a Facebook used bike stuff group. So we talked about venmo vs paypal and what price he should sell it at. It was a $100 bike saddle that he sold to someone from DC for $50 – I think he could have gotten more, but I was the one who suggested the $50 price point. I hate people who think they should get $90 on a used thing when they paid $100.

While I was making my onion, cheese and tomato pie, I got a call from the minute clinic reminding Vince of his 6:30pm TB read time. I rushed upstairs at 6:20 to wake him up (!!?!) for him to go. I got all irritated that I needed to remember this stuff for him – but Jeremy asked if I had promised that I would do it and I did promise that I would do it, but kind of in my head, I promised as backup against – you know, such things like an alarm clock. I should have set an alarm for myself to remind him, but I did not. I let go of my irritation pretty quickly. Anyways, he did get his TB site read – negative! But later I asked if he submitted the paperwork to the health dept at Davis and he said – oh no! I forgot! And we go on. I haven’t been paying attention to any of Vince’s registration or paperwork deadlines at college. It’s up to him, I think he had to go all the way to the general registration window to sign up for all his classes. I think there were 3-4 windows of increasingly broad student population access. So he read up on some of his professors. The reviews track very closely to the grades the students got in the class so Vince can’t quite tell how he will feel. He just knows that the calc teacher does not curve the tests. Yikes.

This week I feel like no way will Vince be in California in late September. He has friends who are moving in five days to college, packing up. We’ll see.

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