Sundays at the hospital.

Aaagghghghahahgg. OMG. Sundays at the hospital can be either easy-ish where you discharge a bunch of patients in the morning, no one gets admitted from the ED and the rest of your patients are comfortably waiting for Monday morning procedures. Or else, you can have a Sunday like yesterday where you are short staffed, the patients are coming and going like crazy and people need emergent care and it’s hard to track down people because it’s Sunday and people like to be playing golf! I couldn’t have done it without my charge or my tech. And finally, the night shift crew who graciously took on the things I left hanging at the end of the shift because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

One thought on “Sundays at the hospital.”

  1. Vince, get it together dude for the college caca. Yo mama can’t all that stuff anymore. Edda, I sure am sorry about your teeth. But if they do pull the teeth I sure hope it doesn’t hurt. Love you all.

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