I still feel inefficient. I felt like I was doing more before Vince left for college and I’m doing less now even though I think I’m as diligent as I was before and I should have more time now. But maybe it’s not true. I don’t know what is happening.

The house came with a super fancy master closet organizing rack/set. But it was poorly installed (like many things in the house) and when I went (in a pandemic inspired moment) to rearrange the shelving on the racks (after ten years of driving me crazy), I realized that all the racks were not screwed into studs, rather they were drywall mounted and because they weren’t that sturdy, they were pulling out of the walls. We decided to rip down the dry wall and put in extra studs and remount the original shelving system. We thought this would take two weekends. I think it took us over two months – maybe three. This meant that for three months, all the storage in our closet was strewn all over the bedroom. I could not find my underwear for three months, I kept buying more panties (now I have like 35 pairs of undies from Target).

We might have had some setbacks (arguments) during the “renovation”. Can I call it a renovation when the start and end look exactly alike? It’s what it means to be an adult, when you spend money and instead of getting something cool like a new sparkle jacket or a brilliant new gold bracelet, you spend money on a stuff that goes on behind a wall that you can’t even really tell.

We are very happy now. It looks exactly the same as it did before. But it works now instead of threatening to kill us by falling over every time we hefted a suitcase on the top shelf to store.

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