Bike, fire pit, vaccine story continues.

Jeremy went biking outdoors yesterday. He hasn’t been outside on his bike in months? It’s really easy to ride indoors. We’ve all been exercising indoors rather than go out, thought I think it’s better for one’s mental health to exercise outside. He had a wonderful ride – though now he’s upset about some adjustment on his bike that makes it less than optimal. I’ve had my Peloton treadmill for almost three months now and I love it much more than I thought I would. It’s so convenient to have a treadmill in the house. I use it a lot for running, but incredibly, I use it more for yoga. The screen on the Peloton might be one of the largest screens in the house and I take a yoga class almost every night and I enjoy working on some of the challenging balance poses. I don’t think I ever particularly liked yoga before, I’m not a huge fan of the yoga studio ambiance, but it turns out if that if I can do yoga at home with no one watching, I enjoy it immensely. Actually, what I really like is gymnastics. If I could figure out a way to learn to do a backhandspring in my house without a spotter or crash pads or, you know, an entire gymnastics gym, I’d do that. Hmm, I like the uneven bars & the vault too. Someday! (OK, really never. I don’t think I will ever be able to do a backhandspring.) I have no interest in the balance beam. Jeremy spots me on my yoga handstands which I’ll get someday.

Vince hosted a farewell party last night as he’s on a plane now headed back to school. I am nervous about him traveling. We had a long discussion about whether he should have come home at all. His school essentially closed down, dorms locked, no food service. We could have put him up in a hotel for 2.5 weeks in California. Classes start tomorrow back in Davis. Vince hosted a fire pit in the backyard and I had some sparklers hanging around so we had Sofi come over and light them too. Jeremy’s phone camera is amazing. Vincie’s covid test came back negative last night, so that’s good – ready to travel.

He’s happy to be headed back and is excited about starting school work again, but it is bittersweet. He did see his friends here (all in the middle of the night, all outside, all masked, all small groups) and he does not have that in Davis. I will miss him. I know that he’s more interested in seeing his friends than hanging out with his old fuddy-duddy parents and he did spend more time with his friends than us, but we did have many nice conversations about summer plans, life, funny things, serious things, etc. I feel good about it, I hope he does too. A little shift in our relationship – more adult to adult than adult to child. Though he still needs help making appointments at the minute clinic at CVS…

Can I still go on about the vaccine rollout? So I got an appointment on Monday, the 4th at 8am. Super excited. But then yesterday (Saturday), I got an email saying that some employees had forwarded the appointment making link to family and friends and they had forwarded it on to even more people and the system was overwhelmed by people in the community signing up to get the vaccine (the appointment making website does not require any proof that you are an employee) and then actual hospital employees were unable to make appointments. So they cancelled all the appointments next week (probably well over 1200 appointments) and made us all reschedule. So then I opened up the NYTimes this morning and said vaccine distribution in chaos and I said – sounds about right.

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