Biking, friends.

Jeremy made it outside to ride yesterday. We’ve all been exercising inside which is both super convenient, but also very monotonous. Take something repetitive like biking or running and bring it inside and you lose anything that makes it different day to day. Weather, terrain, routes. Everything gets tight – hamstrings, quads, shoulders. So it is with some necessary activation energy that we venture outside to do the things we used to do all the time outside. Jeremy went up Sugarloaf mountain. Jeremy, an avid Strava user (Facebook for workout crazed folks), posted a photo like this on his workout post. He remembered that he enjoys being outside in the sun.

Vince also made it outside to bike. He does not often use Strava to track his bike routines, but we take it as a little love note that Vince followed the same Strava convention as his father and posted, not a selfie of himself, rather, a selfie of his bike at a scenic point on his route (although, was this freeway scenic?) (Yes, my phone is still in Spanish.)

I spoke to Vince yesterday, I had an adulting matter to take care of with him- there are so many, and he picked up the phone and immediately said – “I have friends!” I was both very excited and somewhat worried. In a matter of weeks, he’s befriended his whole half of the dorm floor (so many girls! he says. fyi: 60F/40M almost the exact opposite of my college when I went there) and he even biked to Target with someone this past weekend. He told us all their names, what “type” of person they are – there are groups and subgroups of different types of people with different descriptions and I had no idea what any of them meant. I’m stuck at vsco girl circa July 2019 – eons ago in teenager time. He said – I don’t have time to explain it all to you, you will just need to google. He tells me they were “hanging out” in/near someone’s room. I tentatively asked – masked? distanced? He answered affirmatively. And then he said – I think the entire dorm is my “pod”. Hmmm, I thought. All 200 people? I had, in some selfish mom self-protective action, been relieved that he was in his room, playing video games with his Maryland friends and generally being a COVID-safe hermit (though I know, it’s better to have friends). Now, I’m like, uhhhmmmmmm. Maybe college is starting for real now. Anyways, there are hints of parties and gatherings brewing. Come on vaccination teams – I’m waiting waiting, I can’t wait for a national plan. Everyone is getting restless.

This makes me happy.

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