My dad, 79.5 years old and almost fully vaccinated, got a part-time job at the Lowe’s near his house. Twenty hours a week in the paint department. $17.62 an hour with 10% employee discount. I said to my friend, I guess if someone his age can be president then my dad can work in the paint department at Lowe’s. She replied, he can be president of the paint department! Lowe’s is literally my dad’s favorite store. He knows a lot about paint. I’m happy about this. I think my dad is itching to be out of the house with purpose and mom needs some alone time. And my dad is good at helping people with paint/diy/home projects. Start date is in two weeks. (Do you think Biden takes naps? I hope so. I’m only halfway there and I feel like I need to take naps now.)

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