Lowe’s, washer, seizures.

This weekend I visited my dad at Lowe’s. He worked his first shifts mid day Sat and Sunday – the unwanted busy shifts. I actually told Jeremy I was going to go to Home Depot and he said – you mean Lowe’s right? Yeah. I meant Lowe’s. I brought Edda with me – us two vaccinated people going on an outing to Lowe’s. My dad was charmingly helping customers and had a couple of coworkers. It was kind of cute to see. Jeremy said he wanted a ficus tree with a braid in the trunk to give me something to buy, but ficuses are out of style. You know what’s in style (at least a Lowe’s) for indoor plants? Fiddle-leaf fig. They need full light, we have none of that here.

God help me, our dryer broke on Saturday. I ordered the wrong part at first which came on Sunday (I didn’t buy them from Lowe’s) and I realized that only after I took the entire dryer apart that night. I got the (I think) right parts on Tuesday, but the fully taken apart dryer is kind of just mocking me. I’m discouraged. The drum of the dryer is sitting on our upstairs landing and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to remember how to put it back. There is laundry all over the second floor in varying states of drying (semi-dry)/washing (somewhat wet)/clean (dry) /dirty (dry).

Ack, after we had such a nice visit with our Philly neurologist with a great plan, Edda’s seizures have gotten worse in the past week. We see them daily at all different times. That is discouraging too. And we crossed some miserable milestone where she had a seizure during school yesterday. Never before have the school staff seen Edda have a seizure. I know, she’s been out of school for a year, but her high school team has known her for more than two years. So they really know Edda. There is a “rescue med” which you can give someone during a seizure which is unending (lasting longer than 5 minutes) and I had gotten the prescription for it last week from the Philly appt and sent it to school yesterday along with the “seizure plan”, so I thought the nurse calling me was just confirming that they had received the medication, but no, Edda had had a seizure. The nurse said literally 10 minutes after the med was dropped off, she got the call from the classroom. None of this is really surprising to me, we have pals that are unfortunately way ahead of us on this road, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t heartbreaking. And this is all against the first few weeks of school where it’s stressful because everyone is getting used to the new routine with all the cleaning/distancing and you can’t distance from Edda even without seizures and, of course, when she was having the seizure, the first thing they did was rip her mask off of her face. I’m asking a lot from the school staff.

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