Dog, Bo, Marbles.

My parents came over for dinner last night. It was Vince’s choice for take out, A and Js and beef noodle soup. There are a few of our favorite Chinese restaurants that went to take out only at the beginning of the pandemic and have never reopened their dining rooms. Maybe it’s easier and more cost effective?

Vince finished 9 weeks of work at Camp JCC. Very proud of him, it’s not easy to manage a troop of 6 or 8 year olds. I told him an elementary school teacher might have 30! He was like, that’s exhausting. Which reminded Jeremy of one of his favorite tik toc. Props to my favorite middle school math teacher – Soojung. This doesn’t even mention covid.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to Bo Burnham’s INSIDE movie? comedy special? on Netflix. So many good songs, White Girl Instagram, Sexting, Welcome to the Internet, Facetime with my Mom. Vince recommended this to me, and while I was a reluctant watcher the first time, now I’m a fan. I’ll give you the Facetime with my Mom video.

This is Vince’s last week here at home. He’s ready to go back to school. Many of his friends have already left for their colleges. I’m nervous – all the regular nerves and then the extra nerves on top of the regular nerves – but not really too nervous. Does that make any sense at all? No. We asked that he not flip his schedule completely around – that we’d have dinner most nights together which is what I like most about him being at home. That 15-20 min period of time. Also, maybe the same 15-20 min period of time he comes into our room at night we all argue about which youtube video to watch together. Ah, a video blog post. We recently watch some marble olympics type thing? Watch this ridiculousness. Really, it’s fun when there are three of us and we all root for our favorite marble team.

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