Philly, dinner!

Jeremy and his parents made it to Philly. Bob and Katherine moved to an intentional community called Camphill Kimberton. They built a house on the property. It’s a mixed community where people with disabilities live and work alongside folks without disabilities. Families grow up there, young people spend a year or two living there before moving on to other endeavors. We visited in the winter to see the house-in-progress and it was endearing and touching. I would be wonderful if Edda could be part of the community when she grew up, but her disability is too severe. I think you’d need to be able to feed and dress yourself to live in the community.

Pip got to see all of his old favorite chairs come out of storage. Jeremy came home this morning which was nice for me. Both Jeremy and I were busy this week, so it was hard to talk to each other and I tend to get a little too much in my head without his help to balance me out.

I had lunch with Rachel, my nurse friend whose husband passed away almost 2 months ago now. I knew she was going to cook me a delicious, generous Korean lunch, so I strategically ate in anticipation. I had only a banana for breakfast, ran a hard workout in the morning and then ate nothing afterwards. By the time I got to her apartment at noon, I was starving (and somewhat cranky). And I ate everything. She asked: do you eat fish? Yes. do you eat spicy? Yes. The answer was yes, yes, yes. I ate a lot. She was so surprised. She said – oh you eat! you never eat at work! And I say, yes, I eat! I don’t have time to eat at work. And she looked at me and said – you have to make time to eat at work.

I’m watching the Olympics in a strange mix of free-trial YouTubeTV, and peacock. We haven’t had cable TV in decades – so loads of TV technology have passed me by. So many things make me feel old these days. Of course, watching young people do impossible things makes me feel old, but I’m constantly frustrated by my inability to watch the Olympics when I want to watch and how I want to watch. This, for some reason, makes me feel older than watching a 13 year old olympian on a skateboard. I no longer truly understand how to watch TV. Sometimes it streams live on and not on YouTube TV and sometimes it does it the other way around. Peacock is a paid thing we had for Jeremy to watch the Tour de France, but we kept it going for the olympics, but it just has the women’s gymnastics final (all the girls are home already!) and some weird Olympic show by Snoop Dogg. I can’t find races that were run days and days ago and should now rightfully be free to everyone. This is what I want: I want a grid of the schedule with all the events. So I can see which ones are live now, which ones will happen in the future and I can click on the old ones a few days ago.

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