We babysat a doggie named Scarlett (this name does not roll off the tongue (it’s a very sharp name), I tend to like vowel ending names which is why I call Vincent Vincie forever and always – I’m the only one who calls him that (I wasn’t allowed to call him Vinnie)) for like 1.5 hours yesterday. She’s a golden/lab. It’s a little weird to have this dog in the house because she’s a lot like Ruby, but also a lot not like Ruby. I actually want this dog in the house all the time, but I had to return her.

What is it about turning 50ish? All of a sudden, it’s just bad news all the time from my peers. I mean, there is good news, but it’s overshadowed by 10,000 struggles. When Edda was diagnosed with Rett 15 years ago, it felt like everyone one else was living their best life and my life really, really sucked, but you know? Most everyone’s life sucks in some (usually unfixable) way and what can you do about it? Not very much except to keep going.

I’m lucky to be able to see Vince grow up (a little) even though he’s far away from me. He calls me when he rides back and forth on the bike paths at Davis and tells me how things are going. There are struggles, but these are regular struggles, and one can not grow up into a grown up without them. Pick yourself up, think about how the situation can be improved, don’t dwell, keep going! We are lucky to be here today with each other. Be kind. Be kind to yourself.

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