Ups and downs.

There is so much happening this weekend. I’m afraid if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember years from now. (I won’t remember because I have the worst memory for my own life.) Please be patient with the vague blogging. I had to take someone to the hospital on Friday in the middle of the day, everything is fine (mostly) and they are home, but still the thing is not gone and is still frustratingly mysterious. Then, on Sunday, there was a car accident and the passenger died and then the driver was seriously injured. I did not know these people in the accident, but there was crying, almost wailing in the house.

Jeremy rode a lot this weekend. Loves his new bike.

We had the best Sunday night dinner in a while. We had a head measuring contest which was hilarious. Here are the rankings:

  • Jane 59
  • Colleen 59
    • Eric 58.5
    • Gene 58.2
    • Jeremy 58.1
    • Christine 57
    • Seth 56.8
    • Sarah 56.4
    • Bette 55.5
    • Doris 54.5
    • Edda 54

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