Christmas part 2.

Honestly, it’s hard to piece together the days because I’m rapidly losing track of them, but I will try. We got in late on the 23rd with U-haul and van and we settled into our abode, and slept. Kiki and Kappa went to their house and slept there. On the 24th, Jeremy and Emy put together their bikes:

And discovered that they had forgotten to pack Emy’s bike seat and pedals. Hmmm. There is always some bike-packing drama. Always. We set up Edda’s new bed/tent. Now that we are at the end of the trip, I can say with certainty that this tent was a win for us and Edda. Edda did not need minding at night and oftentimes, Jeremy would find me hiding out in the tent when I needed some alone time.

The Swedes came in on the 24th and we rejiggered the sleeping arrangements. We could have used a bit more room to have some more privacy at times, but we managed it. There are lots of personalities and we did get somewhat annoyed with each other, but we all were trying to do our best.

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  1. Wow is that Emy? Her hair is so long. Like a Break girl. Uh oh I just dated myself. I love the Edda tent!!!!!

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