Distractions continued.

Also, after giving up Facebook and Instagram, not only do I play Pokemon Go, but I also enjoy watching unboxing of luxury handbags. I know of people who go to zillow, but I don’t enjoy real estate. I do not understand why I enjoy these handbag videos so much, they do not conjure up any desire to buy these bags – I’m not jealous or envious of these women. I spend no time going to the high end web sites thinking, would I like one of these handbags myself (ok, maybe only a few minutes). I’m just fascinated that so many women enjoy shopping and spending so much money like every weekend and then enjoy opening up them up on youtube. I know unboxing videos have been around since the beginning of time, but this is my first extended stint into them. Many of these women seem to be young Asian women living in Australia. And the algorithm will spit me more and more different channels to watch. They all follow the same format, almost the same verbiage, the same giddy excitement and almost always do not say how much they spent. How many handbags does one need? Apparently about 45-100, srsly. At $5K (or more) a pop, I do not know how these women fund their habit.

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