Vickey and I have for the past few years (on and off, more off recently – I don’t think we’ve read anything together since I started my nursing job which is now almost 4 years ago) had a 2 person book club – a favorite facet of our friendship. I have never been in a real bookclub, I fear I cannot read fast enough to match the monthly meetings and I’m loathe to express my true opinions in front of a group of people. Vickey has been in a few (?), ok, maybe one neighborhood book club and found that she disliked all the book choices. So in our 2 person book club, Vickey gets to pick all the books (she is not a reading dictator, she has good reading taste and usually presents 3-4 choices for me to pick from) and then I get pulled along by her reading progress. I love it because Vickey’s commentary on the book is insightful and hilarious and keeps me reading. I’ll get to a chapter and be like – omg, Rosamund went behind Lydgate’s back to stop the sale of the house! I can’t believe it! And she roll on with commentary about Rosamond and Lydgate that will make me laugh or think about the characters in a different way. Our goal was to finish Middlemarch by the ides of March and she did it! I’m not too far behind (I’m on page 629 out of 785), but I will miss the ides of March deadline unless I make a big push, which I may. This is a very boring book, which is ever so shocking to both of us as we both loved Silas Marner and Middlemarch is regularly in the top 10 of all-time best books ever which – why?!? why?!

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