On Sunday, we celebrated Bette’s birthday with her favorite chocolate pie (and her family). I purchased a nice box of chocolates from a brand I had never heard of before (which Wirecutter recommended). I love buying a box of nice chocolates for Bette because I know she loves chocolate and I also know the box will be passed around and I’ll get to try a couple flavors It provided a lot of entertainment for me.

Edda got sick on Monday night and has been running a fever all week. We started masking again in the house – how could it possibly not be covid? I hate testing her everyday because she doesn’t like it very much – but we’ve done it twice so far, and everything is negative – but I’m still not sure it isn’t covid. I was at the hospital on Tuesday so Jeremy set up this webcam set up for Edda so he didn’t have to be in the same room as her (Do you see Elka tucked in on the couch?). Seriously, we both are finally well from our Covid in April, I don’t want to get it again. She is still home – happy, but with a low grade fever. Vince called last night and he said one of his closest friends has tested positive (inevitable – probably from a weekend party) and now everyone in the friend group is freaking out. It’s poor timing (as it always it) as it’s almost finals week. We shipped some rapid tests to Vince.

With the news so terrible and heartbreaking, I’m trying to focus on happy puppy energy. Elka is wonderful and loving. We signed her up for obedience classes which start in a few weeks. She is starting to learn the rhythms of the house. She isn’t sleeping through the night, so the first few nights, Jeremy and I both got up to tend to her and within two days, Jeremy and I were snipping and short with each other due to lack of sleep, so now we are alternating nights which we did for years with Edda. #1 happy marriage rule – get enough sleep.

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