Fiddle leaf fig.

Last week, I was outside playing pokemon go on a dog-less walk (which honestly, is a ridiculous thing to be doing), I found that one of our neighbors was throwing away a fiddle leaf fig tree (price tag still on – $50 from home depot). I’ve always wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree (they are all over instagram), but I thought they were too expensive and also, I kind of knew my house was too dark to support one and I have a terrible gardening thumb – so I never bought one. But now that there are no small children in the house and I’ve placed our plants strategically around the house so they look like “decor” and not random wilted pots with brown leaves that are shoved all together in the front foyer, I thought I could do something with this fig tree which is way taller than me and has only two leaves at the top.

Every time I’m interested in anything, I’m fascinated by youtube and the information it can give me. There are literally thousands of channels regarding fiddle leaf fig care. At least 2 channels that only talk about fiddle leaf fig plants. That’s like a whole channel devoted to talking about my left big toe or the lint in my dryer trap. I think I enjoy the plant youtube community more than the luxury purse youtube community. Everything is cheaper and there is more gender parity. Anyways, I quickly learned that this fig tree probably didn’t get enough light in the spot it was placed in, and all the leaves dropped and then it got placed out into the trash. So I found it, as I suspected, needs light all day, but not direct light or else it will burn, so it’s perfect for my mostly shaded porch.

So I plunked it outside and I’m so happy to report some new growth. It’ll be OK out there for the summer, but once winter rolls around, I probably need to buy it its own light. If it flourishes this summer, I probably will spend more than $50 on a grow light for this free fig tree.

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  1. You don’t need to buy a $50 grow light. Unless it’s an aesthetic thang. Just buy a grow light bulb and and a clipping socket (reflective socket will give best light refraction to put on it. I see them at garage sales all the time). Total cost maybe $15 bucks depending on socket. We do this here and move probably 10 plants into garage with just one bulb clipped up high so light will spread. When inside house wipe leaves with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swap or paper towel to keep mites/indoor bugs down and it will flourish.

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