I thought the weekend was very nice, lots of activity, but evenly spaced and a variety of energy levels needed for each one, some social, some instructional, some outdoors, some indoors with different groups of people . I spend a lot of time trying to balance my time/energy. I like doing lots of things, but I can’t do too many things! So when I went to bed on Sunday night, I was like – a nice weekend, not too tired, I should be ready to go Monday morning. Well, Monday dragged – it was Edda’s first day at camp and I rushed around making sure drop off was ok and then I couldn’t keep the day moving at a good pace, I wanted to nap, to eat cookies, to pet my dog. As I get older, I really need one day a week where there is literally nothing scheduled – a do-nothing day a Sabbath. Pre-pandemic, I worked almost every day of the week, and maybe even in the depths of the pandemic I did that too because there was nothing else to do. But I need a day now where I can wake up and not be obligated to meet anyone or do anything. I usually end up doing something, but hopefully at 1/3 speed.

Elka has goop in her eyes. It was on only the right one for a while, but then it went to the left one. Jeremy took her to the vet and we got some drops which Jeremy couldn’t tell if it was necessary or not – because, of course, the vet is going to sell you eye drops. Anyways. She is less goopy today which is good.

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