Keep going.

I ran 18 miles on Monday. The last long, long run for my marathon training. I love running in the woods, it’s lots of fun. In the deep, deep woods (well semi-deep because I always have cell coverage, but it’s far from the most popular parking lot, so no families or large groups of friends), I only saw about 4 or 5 people, almost all of them middle aged women out for a run or a bike ride. As a woman, I know it’s conventional wisdom to not go running alone, but it’s hard to give up because it’s wonderful and calming and invigorating. I’m hoping to clock in under 5 hours. We’ll see. I’m not sure if I can make it under my usual goal which is less than twice as fast as the female winner. It’s not a fast marathon race course, so it’ll be a slowish time for a “big” marathon.

Vince texted me that he was going through my old fluids textbook and found that I scrawled some (math) notes in the margins. Although this particular example, I had decided that smiley faces were appropriate. He also went through Jeremy’s old Kant book which 20-year-old Jeremy made some funny notes back in the stone ages.

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