Every once in a while, I come across a photo of a stylish woman and think – huh, maybe I should try to do that? I was enamored enough with this person (jazz prof at UCBerkeley – really, is there any hope I could reach that level of cool? unlikely.) that I texted my sneakerhead friend to ask what shoes she was wearing and he texted immediately back and said converse. I already know that if I bought those sneakers, I would not wear them because of the extra time it would take to actually lace and tie them. The other thing that interested me in this photo was her leather pants. Would I wear leather pants? I think not, only because they seem constricting and hot and only appropriate for photo shoots with the NYT. I’m still wearing a lot of pandemic wear, but I dream of better. Also, I’m not running these days as it’s my off season, but then I don’t know when to shower/change into non-pajama clothes. I also wear a lot of random clothes. I wear lots of gifts that Edda gets because they aren’t quite right for her – I also wear a lot of swag sweatshirts, I have Camp JCC, nursing school, various universities, and goodwill finds. Recently, Jeremy has been buying me clothes, usually without consulting me first and usually at the supermarket – I like these surprises, so those get thrown in there as well. I have one summer outfit that is actually an “outfit” that matches with an unusual color combination and people always comment on it and I enjoy wearing it, so that is the one thing that gives me hope sartorially that maybe I could expand it to more? I dunno.

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