Basement prep and jobs.

I spent part of the day yesterday cleaning/painting and caulking the basement – someone is moving in this weekend. Dinner conversation involved discussing the day’s progress and I was telling everyone that I wanted to be “nice” and Ginny replied – “I’m so happy you said nice and not perfect.” And I laughed. I still want things to be perfect, but the basement will not be perfect. This is a photo of me in the basement I texted to Jeremy when he asked where I was.

The patent office found my 10 year of service plaque – which arrived express mail last night. My 10 year service was in 2017! This arrived well after my 15 year service plaque (well, the 10 year was a plaque, the 15 year was a piece of paper that I had to buy a frame for myself). I thought they should have saved on the shipping – no need to send it express since it’s five years late already. I am so thankful for this job. I feel very, very lucky to have it.

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