Google home.

We have a new Google-home type thing next to our bed because we like having the “sunrise alarm” in the winter when the sun rises so late. A sunrise alarm will start brightening the room about 15 minutes before the alarm and indeed does wake one up more gently. We recently made an effort to make our room completely dark at night which involved installing curtains to separate the very windowed gym from our bed and to close all the doors to the closet and the bathroom which both have windows. We also got rid of anything emitting light like TVs, or the worst emotionally, my beloved GE clock which I’ve used since I was in high school and glow unusual blue numbers. The Google home will adjust down – when we shut off the lights, the home will decrease the brightness of the screen so it doesn’t glow enough for you to sense a glow, but if you look over, you can see the barely lit numbers to tell you the time. Anyways, the Google home also tracks sleep via motion sensor? Anyways, it tracks Jeremy’s sleep and can count when he snores or coughs. But it also counts Elka’s napping schedule. When she sleeps during the day in Jeremy’s spot, it counts it as sleeping time. So we often see a three hour nap in the middle of the day.

So, Jeremy and Bob and Katherine all did end up sick from the holidays. Bob is the only one testing Covid +, and we just by happenstance got him to go to urgent care to get Paxlovid. The other two are slogging through something else during the week. Jeremy has taken the week off of exercise which makes him moody, but it’s too boring to do nothing, so he’s been working a lot and excited about work.

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