New plant! Happy new year!

New year, new plant! Lauren spied this on her neighborhood listserv and I felt immediately drawn to it. I totally could rescue this plant! And then I found out that the person giving it away paid $150 for the plant originally and then I really wanted it (I think it came in a very nice pot to justify the price, I didn’t get the pot, lol.). Lauren picked it up New Year’s Day and I went to her house to pick it up. And so on a 65 degree day in January, I trimmed all the dead leaves off of it and we had a chance to catch up.

I went to Home Depot and got a pot and some potting soil and then repotted the entire thing and put it in the most glorious spot in the house and I’ll see if it won’t die (I think they overwatered it trying to get rid of the cat pee). As I’m getting older, I feel more and more like my mother (who is amazing) – Jeremy noted that this was a very Rena behavior, rescuing dead plants from the side of the road. Haha. I’m really waiting for the outdoor gardening gene (I don’t like it now, but I’m open to it in the future) to kick in, I told Jeremy and he said – that would be nice. My mother has an incredibly green thumb and can coax many things to grow, but she can be lacking in uhhh, taste? aesthetics? – her gardens always look a-tumble and jumbled together with things she got for free…

Here it is temporarily replacing the money tree which was thriving there.

It’s a new year, and with that new goals, right? Of course, all the things I want, I can’t really control – like that we make it through as healthy and together as we can. Other things I want is to be in nature more, to squeeze it all out of life and experience it as much as I can. To love and be loved. To serve and be served in time of need. To rest if I need to, to surge forward if I’m energetic. I’m lucky to be here another year, not everyone has a chance like that.

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  1. Oh, gosh. Even just trimming off the dead leaves and putting it in a nice pot has made it look so much better! Good luck with bringing it back to full health!

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