And life continues on.

On Friday, my friend Alex, Pokemon trainer extraordinaire, unexpectedly stopped by to pick up a package erroneously delivered to his old address and he texted if I had a few minutes and I did and he took me to a legendary raid and helped me catch a large green serpent legendary snake-like pokemon. I would have taken Jeremy, but lol, he was *gasp* working and couldn’t be bothered. But I managed to invite Astra – my favorite charge nurse who introduced me to Pokemon Go – and she was at work, but ducked into the bathroom to remote raid with me and Alex. Alex, of course, as he was helping me kept talking about things I don’t understand like – this is good against dragons and ice and has good charge offense and fast defense and I was like uh huh, yeah, OK…like one does when when one is completely bewildered, but is happy to be invited to the game.

Look at this ridiculousness: CamDon1 (Astra), DriveMinivans (me), Roadlesstaken (Alex)

You know what else is ridiculous? I’m so unrelentingly cheerful and happy. This new med took effect very suddenly, I’m adjusting to it. I’m kind of mad that I can’t get mad, so I walk around the house trying to be mad that I’m not mad, but I’m generally smiling and a joy to be around. This is very different from the last time I’ve been on meds when I was very sad but not mad, but whatever. It also like – who am I really? Am I the person who cheerful? Or am I the person who is angry and bitter? I’m afraid that I’m truly the person off meds – angry and bitter. OK, look we are in a crowded restaurant with no masks. Making progress.

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