Beth, Sofie, Lego.

I had lunch with Beth yesterday! She’s working at MC Rockville and has since 2017 and since she’s so close, we’ve always been kind of looking forward to seeing each other, but this is the first lunch we’ve been able to arrange – crazy. Time passes very quickly. She is so tenacious – she’s a professor in counseling now, a position she applied for four time and got it the fourth time – same people, same dept. She just keeps going undeterred. Ahhh, she is a good counselor – I wish she could be my therapist – she gave me a bunch of good ideas to implement in my life.

Sofie and Elka helped me to start putting together a Chinese New Year Lego set that Christine gave me last week. I’ve not put together a Lego set in a very long time, but here we are.

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