Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day began as it should – with a 7 am trip/date to the dump to discard the carpet that I uninstalled this past weekend. Haha. And then a trip to Safeway where Jeremy bought my some poppy seed bagels (which I love a lot).

We are having a nice week here, though very busy. Sunday night dinner was hosted by Seth and Christine and we had the appropriate snacks (chips and salsa) and dinner (frito pie and chili dogs) and stayed for the first play and then we left to go home. Our motto is – have fun! but be home by 8:30. lol. I think that was the night that we lay in bed at 9:30 and declared ourselves to be very very boring. We are not fans of the football. But we love many people who are fans of the football.

Our pet saga continues.

My mother gave me this 45 year old rubber tree plant. It’s the plant of my childhood. I remember as a toddler tasting the sap of this plant and thinking I was going to die. I remember the unfurling leaves of the plant and I remember this plant almost tall enough to touch the ceiling. My mother has a green thumb and this plant has seen a lot including months when she’s away and not minding it. So it goes to the brink of death and then my mother rescues it. I kind of expressed some interest in it last week and she immediately brought it over for me. I honestly am kind of scared I’ll kill it but my mom looked at me and said – if it dies, it dies, it’s ok. it’s yours. I’m not sure if I’m reassured by that because my mother is expressing a sort of existential philosophy or if my mom thinks she’s doomed the plant for sure by bringing it to my house. Anyways, it’s changed a lot since the last time I carefully looked at it, it now has a wind chime, two necklaces, some christmas ornaments and a chopstick in its branches. What to do with this melange created and curated by my mother? I’m not quite sure. Oh, I’m mistaken – not two, but three necklaces.

Pip’s been messing with his left paw so I used a razor to buzz away some of the fur to see if I could see anything. We didn’t see anything, but we got him some anti-itch cream from the vet. I have a strong desire to take the razor and give Pip a buzz cut all over his tiny body just to see what he looks like under all that hair, but I won’t do it because I have good self control like that.

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