We are still masking. Kind of.

Dad at the dog park finally. With his phone and a mask. And that is a puppy named Buddy at his feet – a goldendoodle.

We haven’t spoken very much to Vince for the past few weeks. We’ve all been busy. But here we are – Jeremy and I are running an errand at the bank which took juuuuussst about an hour (! – I couldn’t believe it – honestly it should have taken 10 minutes) and so we spent the time chatting with Vince (he tends to be free-er on Thursday mornings). I’ve pretty much given up on masking, unless I’m with my husband indoors (I did not mask at the outdoor dog park) and he says that it’s a courtesy for the other person. See? Jeremy is nicer than I am, he does it to protect someone else which would not be the reason I would still keep masking now. I do it because I’m low-key shamed by my husband. lol.

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