McLovin & flooring.

A busy weekend – but satisfying. Vince celebrated turning 21 by, yes, going out to buy a beer with his friends – at like 4 in the afternoon on Friday. Then Vince went back to campus and showed up at the coffee lab where his professor and grad student mentors were ready to call it a day and suggested they go out – for another beer! And Vince was like – I was just at that bar!

So Vince went to another bar with his professor and grad student. The first time at the first bar, they took his MD ID no problem. The 2nd bar, while hanging out with old people, Vince said they took his ID back to consult with other people – because – as he told us, it was like “a McLovin” ID – from way out of state and also that he turned 21 the day before. To which we were like, huh? Turns out it’s a fake ID from Hawaii in the movie Superbad. I found it on the internet.

Jeremy went to coffee with a colleague to talk business (and see her new baby and old husband).

We spent a lot of time prepping for the wood floor install. I did not exercise all weekend which is actually shocking to me because I always exercise on the weekend – if only a bit of yoga here or there. I decided removing carpet for hours squatting on the floor was enough exercise for me.

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  1. I think you’re 100% correct that squatting and ripping out carpet counts as exercise. I regularly count shoveling as a cardio exercise!

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