Operation kitty cat.

The day after the party, Jeremy and my parents embarked on Operation kitty kat. Emy and Seth have finally settled down on the west coast and we needed to get Ivy over to them. It just happened that my parents had a booked direct flight from DC to Portland. So we came up with the idea that the cat should travel with my parents to Portland. Kudos to my dad who is a good sport and was willing to fly with a diabetic cat. Jeremy found out all the requirements and bought the crate and managed the logistics. My dad practiced putting the cat in/out of the crate for going through security (crate through the X-ray, cat through the metal detector).

Jeremy packed the insulin in a thermos and a sponge-bob lunch container with some insulin syringes. Everything went through security fine, but Jeremy did such a good job with the cooling that the insulin froze (and therefore, was ruined :(, poor Jeremy).

We had an Apple Air Tag on Ivy and could see him traveling through the airport.

Emy and Seth met my parents on the West Coast and picked up everyone and drove them home. Ivy did great! My dad did great as well. Now we have like 3 days with only Elka until we have other animal border. Yikes! We like to run a pet sitting business on the side.

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