Party pants.

Jeremy rode to work yesterday and spent a lot of it outside in the daylight. It was a nice ride and he got to socialize with people in the office which was nice. It was nice for me to have the house entirely to myself. I’m not sure why it makes a difference, Jeremy won’t talk to me for hours at a time and, I, am of course, completely comfortably with him, but maybe I can “let go” more? I have no idea what that means.

I spent a few hours with Vince on the phone/video doing some taxes, financial stuff, renewing his driver’s license – this year we upped the technology a bit by sharing screens, lol. He totally is a having a great year – doing very well in classes (like impressively well, I think better than I was ever doing in a major that is harder than mine – I’m so impressed!), having a nice social life and enjoying his time as a junior. This is his spring break week – a little late for most colleges and he had plans to go to a friend’s home in SoCal for the week, but that fell through when the logistics became hard. Then we asked if he wanted to spend some time in San Francisco or go somewhere local in the area (or even come home – our friends’ kids have run the gamut from going home and playing video games to going to Mexico where there is a running tap in the hotel room for vodka), but he said he was looking forward to a quiet week on his own, catching up with sleep and just meandering around Davis doing what he wanted to do on his own. We are all homebodies in the end.

Edda’s spring break is next week. We have no idea how to travel so we are managing only to work and Edda has camp! Instead of traveling, we are taking in another animal – Jojo, our doggie friend next door for the week. She is sleeping at my feet right now. She also likes to sleep on the bed and lick me intermittently throughout the night and wag her tail – thumping on the bed – in the middle of the night. We’ll have to work on that.

Elka is still not reliably housebroken and it gets worse when there is “action” in the house – so Jeremy and I decided to have her wear the pants that she wore when she was in heat. But now we call them her “party pants”. I’m hoping this will save us some arguing.

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  1. Precious puppers! I’m so impressed at how much petsitting you do. You should start charging exorbitant prices like the kennels do!

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